Wednesday, January 17, 2007

2 more squares

I finished the Greek Key square off pretty quickly once I had the pattern into my head, but it never became easily obvious what to do next, I had to check every other row to see what I had to do by looking back at a previous pattern repeat.

I think this one is called zig zag, but I've left the book at work! It's definitely square 14 and definitely an easy pattern to establish and get teh hang of. I enjoyed it so much I finished it quickly.

I ended up not going away for work, my shoulder makes travel painful so I had time to sort all the squares I've done so far into a nice pile, 17 of the 63 are in this pile, at a square a week that give sme 3 weeks of December to make teh afghan in, I'm actually hoping that I'll get them all finished much quicker than that, but I've planned at a rate of one square a week as a minimum.


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