Saturday, January 13, 2007

Finally an update!

We have here, squares 28, the twining rib pattern, square 11 - miniature mosaic and an almost finished harlequin!
This pattern I found irritating, mostly because I had to frog back once because I twisted left instead of right and didn't spot it for ages, frogging always makes me tetchy especially at the moment when I'm having to restrict my knitting time due to the poorly neck and shoulder.

I enjoyed this pattern after I'd done the first repeat, the advantage of these slip stitch patterns is that they are symmetrical so once you've got the first repeat done you can see what you need to do next - makes it OK for knitting on buses and in company once that first bit is done and the pattern established. I started this one on Friday while I waited in for plumbers and actually finished it the same day.

This is another straightforward pattern, in fact I only cast it on this morning and it's almost finished. As soon as the first pattern row was done I dould see the pattern which has made it a fun knit so far. What is even better is that this is the square I was scheduled to do next week and square 28 last week was a bonus too! I'm aiming for one square a week which would mean all the knitting would be done by the end of December this year, but, I'd like to get it made up by then too so I'm trying to get ahead a bit and also trying to plan how I want to arrange the squares so that I'll be able to start sewing it together as I go. I've not been able to make a symmetrical pattern up so far so I may have to make a few different squares to make this work. I've made 14 of the 63 squares so far and I'm on the second 100g ball of both colours.


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